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It has been estimated that over 50% of the homes in Arizona are “upside down”, which means that the homes have negative equity because the current mortgage balance exceeds the current market value of the home. The amount of this negative equity may be minor or extreme.

The purpose of this web site is to help a borrower with a problem mortgage to know what alternatives are available to resolve their mortgage problem, and where they can go for the help they need. Regardless of whether the goal is to be able to stay in the home, or get out from beneath an unsustainable mortgage, this web site will provide valuable information to help you achieve your objective.

We Provide No Cost Information and Assistance to Borrowers Who Are Having Difficulties With Their Mortgages

Please be aware that we are not attorneys or ceritifed public accountants. We are not permitted nor qualified to counsel you in regard to the legal and tax matters related to your particular situation. We can provide referrals to those who can give you legal and tax advice. Please confirm any information of importance that you receive on this web site in terms of correctness and completeness for your particular situation.