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The RPR (Realtor's Property Resource) system was developed a few years ago at a cost exceeding 

20 million dollars by the National Association of Realtors.  The RPR report was created to provide lenders 

and other entities automated property value estimates and a lot of other information regarding 

individual properties.  

Some of the information contained in the RPR report includes local market statistics such as current 

sales prices and historical pricing trends, detailed property information, flood plain info, 

neighborhood demographics and other analysis using a number of different factors.  The report usually 

contains over 20 pages of detailed information specifically regarding the property for which you are ordering the report..
It is a very comprehensive document which gives the reader a wealth of information 

regarding a particular property.  CLICK HERE to view a sample copy of the report.

Please let me know if you would like me to send you, at no cost to you, a copy of the RPR report.  

Please keep in mind that the pricing estimate included in the report is an automated estimate, much 

like a Zillow Zestimate.  If you are considering selling and need a more precise estimate of value, 

please contact me and I can provide a more detailed property analysis which will entail my making an 

inspection of the property and examining the sales comparables as well.

To order your free RPR report for your property, please fill out the form below.  

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