Why We Provide Assistance

We often provide assistance to people who will not end up using our services. And we are happy to do it. Be assured that any information or assistance that we provide to you won’t cost you anything. Why do we do it?

Reason #1 If we can help a lot of people with what they need and they are happy with the results, a certain number of them will want to use our services one day. It may be awhile, but that’s ok. And they may think of us when their family members and friends need an experienced Realtor that they can trust. Referrals are an important part of our business and we are always grateful to receive them.

Reason #2 The real estate market has been in a real mess these last few years (as you have noticed), and the sooner it gets back on track the better off we all are. We hate having lots of homes to sell but no buyers, and then lots of buyers but no homes to sell. We want to go back to a balanced market with lots of regular buyers and sellers (instead of banks and repos). As Realtors we are in a position to help get the market to a better place. Helping to reduce the number of foreclosures with homes sitting vacant for months on end is one way. Helping people get past their mortgage problems and onward towards being able to reestablish their credit and qualify again for a home loan is another. By helping people with what they need, in the long run we help ourselves as well.

Reason #3 There are a number of options that people use to resolve their mortgage problems. Most of them do not involve using a Realtor, but that’s ok (See Reason #1). However, if you should decide to do a short sale and you need an agent that understands short sales, we can help you, but you are not under any obligation to use us. So if you decide to use Aunt Alice for your short sale, we understand. You may want to make sure that Aunt Alice has substantial experience in short sales because short sales can be tricky and difficult, and you want a Realtor who will get the job done the right way..

So these are the three main reasons we reach out to help people understand their options for dealing with a problem mortgage and help them get the assistance they need. Plus we feel good when we are able to help people, and that's important too.

So please feel free to check out our webinar, read our reports, and call us with your questions and requests for assistance and know that we will not be trying to pressure you into doing something you are not sure about.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and we look forward to hearing from you.